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Cocktail Stations is a division of our company dedicated to the manufacture, installation and maintenance of furniture and equipment for the catering trade for over 40 years.

In addition to advising on the correct size and distribution of the bar, we pay special attention to work zones, seeking how to optimize the performance and the space in the bar, which facilitates the work of the bartender.
Our company philosophy is not based on just selling the product, we like to know the needs of each of our clients, considering the doubts and problems that may arise.

That is why our commitment starts to sit with the bartender, to begin to determine together, the basics for the product design, subsequently starts a process marked by the three steps detailed below before beginning the manufacture and assembly of the bar.
Empezamos por diseñar un primer borrador de la distribución de la barra, buscando la comodidad y la eficacia para el coctelero, añadiendo, a grosso modo, las peticiones y detalles al gusto del cliente.
Una vez establecidos los puntos básicos, procedemos al desarrollo de planos más precisos, fijando medidas exactas y otras particularidades.
Ya establecidos todos los detalles damos paso a la realización y visualización de la imagen en 3d del producto, consiguiendo que el cliente pueda obtener una visión mucho mas real de los espacios y detalles en el resultado final.
Some of our clients: