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Removable bar

Cocktail Stations launches a new concept of removable cocktail bar: smart, portable and easy to assemble. Design and practicality finally come together.
Espacio con cubetas Gastronom integradas para hielo e ingredientes.
Sobre de trabajo fabricado en inox total (según normativa de sanidad para las zonas de preparación y manipulación de alimentos).
Espacio para zona de preparación del cocktail. Agujero de desperdicios en zona de trabajo.
Totalmente desmontable y portátil, fácil de transportar en el maletero de cualquier turismo.
Size and weight
Carrying flight case with handles and wheels (two of them with brakes). The dimensions of the bag allow the transport in a simple automobile.
In Cocktail Station we manufacture our portable bars with DIBOND, a new material that provides resistance with half the weight of conventional materials.

DIBOND consists of two aluminum sheets of coated polyester with a polyethylene core, which ensures high stiffness and lightness to the bar.

The work-table and the speed rail are made of stainless steel AISI 304 18/10, thus complying with the rules of health, which requires that food and ingredient contact areas have to be completely made of stainless steel.
Fully customizable bar with led lighting option.
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