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Most of the local bars were designed before the increased demand of cocktails and are not prepared to facilitate the work of the bartender.
Give a fast and effective service to the customer does not depend just on the bartender.

A good cocktail station is an essential element to optimize staff efficiency, saving time and increasing turnover.
Ergonomics is the science of designing spaces, tools, postures and movements applied to a working system and of course can also be applied to bartending.

Mechanization and routines when preparing cocktails decrease mental workload, streamlines decision, reduces the effort and the stress, increasing the concentration and production.

If the hand movements are machined and secure the mind can be one or two steps ahead.

The more confident and skilled we are, the more relaxed and easier is to connect with the customer. Working with this system ensure higher revenues with fewer staff.
En Cocktail Stations, ofrecemos la posibilidad de adquirir una formación única, de calidad, efectiva y práctica, necesaria para los nuevos profesionales del sector respondiendo a la demanda creciente de este, junto con CETT, centro adscrito a la Universidad de Barcelona y pionero en presentar en 2015, el primer Diploma de extensión universitaria en Coctelería y Mixología en el Estado Español.